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Friday, March 14, 2014

Who are the Dew Drop Warriors and how do they fight evil?

Who are the Dew Drop Warriors and how do they fight evil?

Since we made our first public announcement we have been overwhelmed with responses.  Mostly, people want to know about our mission, our activities, and how to join.   Until we have time to provide a detailed response to such a strong positive reaction we will do this summary:

Our Mission – to provide justice and relief from the oppression of the ruling elite until our institutions are able to once again serve “We The People”.  We are overtly a Christian organization but our membership is open to any morally upright individual without concern for race, religion, nationality, or gender

Our Activities – we intervene when citizens cannot get justice though the agencies under the control of the ruling elite.  For more than two decades our Dew Drop Warriors have used non-violent, legal tactics to defeat evil and oppression on a personal level.  Now that we have gone public we will also take on institutional evil as well as individual evil.

Example 1:  A scoundrel of a lawyer uses his legal clout and connections to file for divorce and oppress and dominate his ex-wife while destroying the family and corrupting the young lives of his own children. These circumstances are investigated and validated by the Founders Council.  Once the investigation is complete and the facts are validated a team of Dew Drop Warriors is given the mission of establishing justice.  Like most evil people this lawyer’s life was morally corrupt in many ways.  The Dew Drop Warriors discovered that he frequently visited prostitutes and did cocaine.  A sting operation was executed and the evil lawyer was arrested on various charges, disbarred, sent to jail, lost his real estate investments and the proceeds of all of his assets went to his ex-wife and children.  Law enforcement officers see many examples of the agencies of the ruling elite perverting justice.  Some of them who retire or resign become Dew Drop Warriors.

Example 2 – A dishonest businessman had exploited, extorted and harassed a good family and brought them to the brink of bankruptcy.  The dew drop Warriors were assigned to the case and in less than a year this businessman was bankrupt himself and he never found out how it was done.  The Dew Drop Warriors work indirectly.  We never openly confront these perpetrators.  These evil people find themselves experiencing justice and they have no idea how it happened or who was behind the effort to inflict an “eye for an eye”.

Example 3:  Now that we have a public mission the perpetrators are frequently politicians or government employees.  We specialize in background investigations that uncover scandals and corruption. Private detectives, former intelligence officers, and journalists are Dew Drop Warriors and the tactics of these professions are often used.   We had a report that a high ranking official in a local school district had been molesting young boys for decades.  This evil man was also a lawyer.  He had been reported more than once but the ruling elite always protecting him while he went on violating teen age boys.  The Dew Drop Warriors were able to expose him so publicly that this school district lawyer pervert took his own life rather than face the consequences.  No one knew who was behind the justice that came to pass.

Membership: We are symbolically gathering 300 Dew Drop Warriors to establish justice, freedom, and traditional values in America once again.   There are a variety of achievable objectives that require a wide spectrum of skills and resources. Those objectives and your mission are not discussed in public. Many people can find ways to help support this project.  Becoming a member of Dew Drop Warriors is very simple

Becoming a member of the Sword of Gideon is a more complicated process.  And actually being one of the 300 requires being vetted by the Founders Council. 
For additional information on becoming a member of the organization or becoming one of the 300 Dew Drop Warriors please send an email to:

General support can be prayer, spreading the word, and sending a contribution by clicking the “DONATE” button in the right sidebar.

Remember, there is scriptural validation for women warriors!
How Do Dew Drop Warriors Fight Evil

Many people have been sending emails with important questions about the Dew Drop Warriors.  One of the most common questions is:

Since you use “non-violent, legal tactics to defeat evil and oppression”, how do you fight the bad guys.

Evil people have corrupted souls.  The evil they do is not restricted to the specific offense that is reported to us.  Almost always these perpetrators are evil in many aspects of their lives.  Frequently evil people are very careful to protect themselves from the consequences of their most obvious sins.  They also enjoy the protection of the ruling elite agencies with which they are affiliated.  For instance the standard protocol for redress of a grievance against an attorney is to make a report to the local bar association.  Talk about the fox guarding the hen house!. 

So, our tactic is to find the less obvious vulnerabilities.  Al Capone did not go to prison for his major sins of murder and other gangster activities.  He went to prison for tax evasion.  Bill Clinton was not impeached for compromising our nation’s security with the Chinese or having adulterous sex in the oval office.  He was impeached for lying.  Richard Nixon was not impeached for the Watergate break in, but for the cover up that followed.  John Edwards was not indicted for adultery committed against his cancer stricken wife but for improper use of campaign money.  You get the idea.

The Dew Drop Warriors find out everything we can about evil people who are reported to us.  We find their vulnerabilities. Evil people cannot possibly hide all their evil.  When we discover a weak spot we leverage that weakness to bring them down
Our success rate is very high because evil people are very vulnerable and it is the will of the Lord to establish justice.
Needless to say these efforts cost moneyWe are an all volunteer army.  We provide our own weapons and ammunition with our own money.  We do not get paid to be Dew Drop Warriors.  In fact the Dew Drop Warriors pay to be part of this army.  All money raised goes for administrative expenses.  Please contribute to our efforts whatever you can even if the only thing you can afford is your prayers.

"O God, we beseech Thee to guide us aright for we are very determined.”

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